Friday, June 6, 2008
Friday, June 06, 2008

"You are the shield, I am the sword. Together, We are invincible."

Just finished nanatsuiro drops, shakugan no shana recently. I had to admit, After watching season 2 of shakugan no shana, I have totally changed my view of that pussy of a man whose name is called sakai yuji. He risked his life to save the whole city and not even bothering about the fact that his existence will be erased anytime soon. A picture tells a thousand words and a Wall of text isn't good for my blog either, So here is some picture from the anime called nanatsuiro drops.

That is 3 thousand worth of words above. Anyway, I have also been covering a eroge called Koihime Musou.It is about Kazuto, A regular junior college student went out to catch a thief, who had sneaked into school. But the next instant, he finds himself in wasteland and surrounded by the men with swords. They mumble something, and attack him. Just when he gives up, a girl appears in front of him. She swings a big spear, and beats them up. "My name is Kanu, boss. Let's fight together for unification of country." Simply put, It is about the males(caocao,liu bei,zhu ge liang etcetc) dynasty warriors/romance of the 3 kingdom being femalefied. Pictures below.

And there is a anime based on this coming up on july. *squeaks like an avid fanboy*

And that shall conclude this post of mine.