Thursday, May 8, 2008
Thursday, May 08, 2008

Must watch spice and wolf......

Anyway, Exams are pretty much over for now( Since i still have 1 more month until o level's chinese paper). As awkward as it may sound, I have tried to take up playing dota again(OMGWTFLMAOROFLGEYSECHSBBQ GAMERTARD). I have also tried to take up evangelion( CHIU HAVEN"T WATCH IT YET? ZOMFG CHIU PHAILED).

And recently, I noticed that some (not all) christians are getting very hypocritical (Don't be offended....Just a minority). I have a friend who is a christian and due to her neglecting some of the heresies found in the church, Her christian comrades started to ignore her and refrained from talking to her. When she finally realized her mistake, They still went on to ignore her as they so called believe that "She is sinning" and some even went to the extent of calling her "satan's follower". Well, What she only did is having a boyfriend and as we all know, it is a taboo for all christians. Hell, Just only one thing like this and everyone in the church is against her.

Oh and by the way, Do take a look at this video >>>here<<<

And i shall end this post with a cute/moe picture of anya earlstreim from code geass r2.