Saturday, May 3, 2008
Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sarpork zheng jie's thread :

Having two tuitions in one single day can be quite a pain in the ass. Especially for me since i am covering rosario to vampire ( ロサリオとヴァンパイア). Episode 8..................

To add on, We have this very fat and black girl as our classmate in my maths tuition. Everyone avoided sitting beside her and man.......She is noisy as #*%$ with her manly voice talking with somebody through her handphone. Occasionally, She would leave the classroom early and one of the malay boy shouted : " OI, WHO FUCKING GAVE YOU THE PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE CLASSROOM!" Funny as hell if you heard it in person. Also, There is one thing i have to say.

Some indian guy slipped and fell in the bugis mrt underground today.


And one more thing,

Random japanese manga that i have brought from kinokuniya today. (^ω^)V
And I gotta admit, Ken akamatsu is really good at drawing lolis.