Saturday, July 7, 2007
Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ahh....Whatta fun day i had today.

I practically spend my whole day at my friend birthday party at a condo(Whoa?), Got alot of chio bu ^^ and shuai ges. At first i go there, very bored, nothing to do de.....Then my friend suggested a dumb game called *Catch the tennis ball*. Basically, its just like tennis, hit and score....But now its throw and score...and if you throw and the ball bounces two times or more on the ground, The opposing team loses, then my dumb friend go all the way to the net and kao bei. He held up his hand and direct it to the other side of the net, then he drop the ball -_-!!!! Besides that, i did one more thing that most people will find it stupid, i go to the tennis court, take the net pole....Then draw *Fuck* on the floor, then my another friend thinks its innovative and fun, and so he joined in the fun(Hey it rythmes =) ). The thing is, he go Bold words....then the people upstairs the condo complain, then send security guards down, But luckily i and my friend escape =P

Oh well, It was really a fun day for me(even though i did not touch the com the whole day, except for now). じゃ。。。。私は眠りです。。。。また明日ねみんあさん?^^