Monday, May 5, 2008
Monday, May 05, 2008

"It's morphing time!"

Ahh, Nostalgic times when i used to sit alone in the dining hall and scream " RED RANGER BEAT HIM! BEAT THAT MONSTER!! BEAT BEAT BEAT!".

Anyway, Today's history and geography test were like an angel of mercy and a devil respectively. Why do i say that? Well, the history paper is about nazism(Which is what i have been revising for the past 3 days). So naturally, i will definitely ace it. As for geography, The first part was pretty ok. As for the later part onwards, Everything went into a degringolade.

As i am typing now, I have just finished rosario to vampire a few minutes ago. The ending just makes the avid fans crave for more rosario hawtness.

SHIRAYUKI FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (◇ω◇)