Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"With each new posts, comes greater epicness"

Anyway, Just finished evangelion episode 21 ( LMAO TOBEN HAIR IKARI GENDO) and code geass episode 6. Code geass episode 6 is pure ownage, so much that i am just lost for words when i saw kallen getting her new float system and hadron cannon( Just don't pwn my anya too much T_T). The sad thing about the episode is that......That poor old man called senba died T_T

And whoa, Singapore is coming up with their own anime. ( picturephiles, Look below)

"Gacha-Gacha is the story of 4 girls in Singapore and the trials, tribulations, joys and events of their daily lives. Whether it’s boy trouble, school events, birthdays or shopping, these girls share all their troubles and joys together. From the lively Japanese girl Asuka, to the beauty queen Elizabeth, Joie "The Human Incinerator" or Nina, anime otaku extraordinaire, each has her own story to tell. Each day brings something new for them - following the latest fashion trend, going to a new place in town, or maybe just hanging out and chatting with each other. Let's follow them through their exploits and adventures!"

Looking at the picture above, I can definitely tell that all of the girls have the moe and cute standard, Except for one. I mean dude, Look at that malay girl at the right hand corner, She is an anime otaku and what is more.....SHE IS AN OTAKU!?!?!??!? Ok, I am personally not racist or biased against malay otakus, Because malay MALE otakus doesn't seem that bad to me. As for FEMALE MALAY otakus....They look a bit weird. Also, The title states that all of the girls are MOE and KAWAII (refer to wikipedia for the definition of moe) which is contradicting itself as that malay female otaku isn't MOE and KAWAII at all. Ok ok, Let's compare.

Malay female otaku VS konata sama

Both otakus and yet the one on the right shines out more than that malay otaku on the left. Fine, maybe this is not quite of a good comparison as some of you prefer girls with spectacles more.

Malay female otaku VS meganekko nagato yuki A.K.A humanoid surface alien (A.K.A my gf : D)

Obviously that malay otaku isn't MOE and CUTE at all after the two comparisons. Even though i considered that this is singapore's FIRST anime, Still they should not even include that malay otaku at all. Other than this malay otaku, I personally feel that those three gals are made of win.

Just found out that the singer for the song for this blog is actually her(Takizawa Nonami). I have her feeling that this picture will definitely attract those lao ti ko pei and horny otakus. And with this, I shall end this post.