Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"I shall deny the existence of this world!"

Sigma harmonics, One of the best nintendo dual screen game i have ever come across is about to be released on 21st august 2008 ! Like seriously, WHOA! From the graphics to the storyline, Everything just seems rather unique to me and judging from the looks of the graphics, It should be of match to playstation portable's graphics. The story revolves around Sigma Kurogami (voiced by Daisuke Ono), a high school student and "sound user" whose family guards a huge clock sealing off the demon Ōma. One day, his past is rewritten, causing chaos in his present. He then works with his friend Neon Tsukiyumi (voiced by Aya Hirano) to solve an increasingly complex string of murder cases and return his life to normal. Talk Less, Wallpapers below.

I tell you, This game is a MUST GET for all those who possess Nintendo Dual Screen and for those who knows how to read and write japanese. For more information, Go to their official website which is listed below this block of text. Don't worry, It is sorta in english, Hence there should be no problem browsing through it.

Oh, And i have just started on a Nintendo Dual Screen game called "Glory of hercules : Prove of the soul" as well. As expected of japan, This game never fails to amaze me and by adding final fantasy elements and 3d graphics into it, I can say that this game is made of win.

Putting all those game advertising aside for a while, I have started watching a very old anime called flame of recca. Typical mighty morphing power rangers X pokemon ripoff i guess.

Well, this is not much of an update i know, But hey, At least i put in some effort to update it. (★ω★)V