Friday, August 29, 2008
Friday, August 29, 2008

"Harmonia vita"

Sigma harmonics came out like 8 days ago and well, It is astounding. From the game graphics to the game play, You would beg for more as the game progresses, So much that you would even want to get the song sang specially for this game by hirano aya entitled "Harmonia vita". In fact, it is my current blog song now and if any of you guys want this song, Click on the link below and listen to it for yourself.

Talk less, More pictures.

I mean wow, They even have english translation for their in game menu.

Next up, I received my Ulquiorra schiffer (Bleach) mask today and the workmanship is remarkable. =D

So in the end, We have this.....

Besides all that, I have also completed blood+ ( As well as starting on a spin off based on that show called "Blood minus" >>> Vampire fans should love this alot only IF you love lots of blood splurting out.